Vampires @ WordPress

Vampires at wordpress is a blog dedicated to showcasing the vampiric condition known as energy feeding, siphoning from blood or other fluids and the outside world in basic form from awakening to the 8th year of active participating vampyrism as a lifestyle, or way of life or spirituality; which is not repressed, supressed or hindered by the active or awakened vampire in question.

It Covers:

  • Solitary vampirism;
  • Energy vampirism;
  • Pranic and or fluid vampyrism
  • Consensual energy exchange and play
  • Gravitating towards groups, houses and meetups

It also covers:

  • Political and broken online vampire community;
  • the do’s and do not’s of group or networking vampyrism
  • Ethics to dealing with others who are helpful to the non helpful;
  • supportive community and communal efforts
  • Helping others cope and or find support

Our other blog, http://wraitliexbuis.wordpress.com is the advanced energy vampyrism blog, for more transcendal living and spirituality and covers years 8th, through 20+ years awake, and so on.

Wraitli Exbuis means Spiritual Entities Gathering place, the Communal, which was normally held in the underground of the city in a designated chamber usually under the Citadelis or Citadel. However, we do not have good undergrounds anymore in most cities due to water leakage, bad mold and insect and animal habitat’s, nor are their any captital buildings for vampires anymore, as the citadelis looks like most State Capital buildings.

  • Other places were also used as forms of communal, Masoluems and other buildings, and we also cover this as well.

Due to the current nature of the “vampire community” we do not hold any public communal other than the page on facebook, which is open loosely to all. It is a moot point as not all elemental are in tune with their natures; or the way they should present themselves.

It is sad to see that the 12th century bce is more conscienciously aware and awake as a vampire presence than the current modern day. Even the real leaders in the their communities want to play in the nap nap line at the baby bat daycare.

STILL if someone would like to try and build up a chatroom or meeting meetup for elementals online or offline, give me a chat.


For those of you who…

For those of you who remember past lives :

Do you think it is ok to use the copy of vampyrism you remember from your past as is, or to continue and see it in the real light and not what people of that time period wanted it to be or what they assumed it to be?

I try to post the truths as much as possible and see under the “accepted folklore” rather than the lies that is presented about my people. That is what a regent does, she can see under the web of deception. Then you have those children just posting whatever they want you to believe.

False Prophets.

I want to make people understand and think.


A list of websites and…

A list of websites and blogs closed this year:


These are the current evolved projects as was listed above.

http://www.darklife.life (the old dcn site as well as paganbook combined)
http://anamassien.spruz.com – the new blog community about projects I am working on.
http://www.witchcraftian.life – the old paganpeople / the brew links exchange site
http://witchcraftian.emyspot.com – The New Pagan Directory
http://www.darktribe.life/groups/wraitliexbuis WE in its new group format.
http://www.darktribe.life/groups/vampyres our new vampires group/site for the moment


This further in about Vanir…

This further in about Vanir Samhain and where Temple/He supposedly lives:
15 N. Henry St. Apt. 2
Delaware, Oh 43015
Lunch: 11am – 1pm
Dinner: M-Th 5pm – 11pm, Fri-Sat:5pm – 1am


Its a DRY cleaner business.
I did not know times were that awful there as they also seem to serve lunch and dinner.

Has no one ever looked this up?


What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between your blog wraitliexbuis.wordpress.com and realvampiresweb.wordpress.com?

Wraitli is a specialized spiritual advanced blog for writing about latent advanced vampiric conditons. Explaining strigoi and Stregoni for instance.

Real Vampires needed a blog home quick to store writings waiting for spruz to put our plan on free. It is for generalized information of spirituality, lifestyle and living will. Living will is the wish of the vampire in question to live like ancient as possible with some modern needs like electricity, cooking of food, flushing toilet etc. To dress as approximately as one wishes, without too much disruption about them, to live in ones home as complete as one would wish (styling of the room to compliment the individual) without going to overboard. Living will looks like cosplay and or lifestyle but it is not. It is a real vampire who dresses up, simply like a goth/heathen/witch/being would.

I am hoping the web comes together over realvampiresweb.wordpress.com and people add their articles to the blog as well. As long as you are 21+ we will gladly add you to our authors line up and you can join us at our new network too as soon as the domain is bought.

http://www.darkcovensociety.us is the current domain but will be changing soon. We can import our wordpress straight into the site there as well.

Vampire Community News

This is why the (OVC or online vampire community) continues to fall in and be considered a detrimental unofficial community for items like this from facebook and Vampire Networks:


We do not need to recognize everytime a “friend” betrays us, we need to get online and tell the VC how we made a mistake being their friend. It’s no one’s business. It’s bad relations in the VC, gossip and stupidity.

D. as he is known is a the henchman of Vampire Networks, Vanir himself and Temple UVUP. He has long bullied people whom has seen the light of the day considering Vanir/Temple and want to go away from the non sense.

I am sure they will make up sooner or later, but how can one be so professional when one is so “fake” to everyone’s face?


If you write for this blog you do not write for me. We all share this “space” to document vampirism lifestyle, spirituality, living will and so on. Don’t be a bitch to me about stuff I ask about. If I suggest something its just a suggestion. I will leave his comment and article up about the vampire community. Don’t get your ass pants in a bunch, take some fiber whatever it takes, but don’t give me your damn attitude problem.
1. I’ve known Vanir wanted to distance and go his sep. ways but does he ever say anything?
2. I’ve dated someone we both know, and he is causing problems.
3. Vanir states their married, but we felt a vibe and did not return it, so people wanna be an asshole about it now.
4. Always some kind of community drama going on. It’s why I am not community to begin with and when people talk shit about them they complain too but you have to “end my career about writing about vampirism” because I am not goth, and I am not down with stupid shit like they follow blindly into.
5. I stood up for them and people were right, they are an idiot when it comes to their views.
6. I don’t care if you write for “me” or the “blog” or not. I do well on my own with spiritualstate and wraitliexbuis, and I am sure we do very well according to our facebook page. If invited and you write you do, if not then you can go blow it with yourself, go twanky yourself.
7. Be a little more “professional”, please.