Vampire Community News

This is why the (OVC or online vampire community) continues to fall in and be considered a detrimental unofficial community for items like this from facebook and Vampire Networks:

We do not need to recognize everytime a “friend” betrays us, we need to get online and tell the VC how we made a mistake being their friend. It’s no one’s business. It’s bad relations in the VC, gossip and stupidity.

D. as he is known is a the henchman of Vampire Networks, Vanir himself and Temple UVUP. He has long bullied people whom has seen the light of the day considering Vanir/Temple and want to go away from the non sense.

I am sure they will make up sooner or later, but how can one be so professional when one is so “fake” to everyone’s face?


Author: Ana Massien/Wild Bird

I am a 46 yr old Georgia girl that likes to have fun. But I don't party or drink or do drugs. I am asexual. I have fibro, RA, bursitis, and other problems, and menopause. I am single and not seeking anything more than friends. I am a life coach, a vampirologist and latently awakened/transcended/Regenti. I don't Reign over people. I set an example. I am also a heatheru and witsku paganism/shamanism.