If you write for this blog you do not write for me. We all share this “space” to document vampirism lifestyle, spirituality, living will and so on. Don’t be a bitch to me about stuff I ask about. If I suggest something its just a suggestion. I will leave his comment and article up about the vampire community. Don’t get your ass pants in a bunch, take some fiber whatever it takes, but don’t give me your damn attitude problem.
1. I’ve known Vanir wanted to distance and go his sep. ways but does he ever say anything?
2. I’ve dated someone we both know, and he is causing problems.
3. Vanir states their married, but we felt a vibe and did not return it, so people wanna be an asshole about it now.
4. Always some kind of community drama going on. It’s why I am not community to begin with and when people talk shit about them they complain too but you have to “end my career about writing about vampirism” because I am not goth, and I am not down with stupid shit like they follow blindly into.
5. I stood up for them and people were right, they are an idiot when it comes to their views.
6. I don’t care if you write for “me” or the “blog” or not. I do well on my own with spiritualstate and wraitliexbuis, and I am sure we do very well according to our facebook page. If invited and you write you do, if not then you can go blow it with yourself, go twanky yourself.
7. Be a little more “professional”, please.



One thought on “News:”

  1. I made a suggestion for him to include us in his web links.
    This is what he said:
    Rev. JP Vanir replied to your comment @vampyrian I realize this article was copy and pasted but you could not recommend our blog that …

    I copy and pasted this from my web site but fine I wont write for you anymore


    Ok cool we said. Do what you like “Jonathan” you’re going to do it anyway. He didn’t write for “me” he was invited to share his views on this blog. This is why I don’t do this.
    –Ana Massien

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