Vampires is a general society wordpress. It is not vampire community geared. It is independent. We are for mature 21+ people, whom want to network or belong to a community of vampiric like minded people. Community people may join, however.  We are considered a society – a society is a group of people with the same ideals – meaning we come together to love the ideas of vampires/vampyres. We promote positive, healthy lifestyles, spirituality and well being to all interested.

If you drink blood, please do so at your own risk and practice safety.

  1. Get Tested.
  2. Do so of sound mind.
  3. Do not do so if under age.
  4. It will not make people immortal.
  5. Never do it to hurt someone, yourself or animals or people.
  6. Use of the network/blog and having a profile indicates you understand this is for entertainment purposes only; and or networking; and you clearly state you do not do blood let for harm, self harm or harm against others. (Communion is another term to make it sound more “acceptable” but we’re calling it what it is, blood let.
  7. Blood let is for adults whom know what their doing, are aware of their actions and never force this on anyone else ever.
  8. We will not allow you to seek donors on this site, or swans. Use of the site and membership indicates you understand these clauses.
  9. This is not a sex site. It is a site for night kinds to indicate their networking or community like love of all things vampires.
  10. You may join if a community or a persona profile or both.
  11. Please participate – if you’re too busy don’t join. Make sure your email is Correct. Broken login means you can not, so what’s the use?
  12. No Nudity anywhere on the site and no sexual links.

Claimers Two:

I am not attempting to re-create the online vampire community. It’s just a generalized social site. Pagans, Goths and other nocturnal folk may also join. Keep community drama and gossips off the site, if it happened way back then it has no bearing on the present.

If you may join regardless if we are friends or not irl. On site we will be polite at all times. No Back biting and or personal slams.

Spirituality is welcome as well as Lifestyle, Gamers, Cosplay etc. Co exist!

I hope all will come to share knowledge, it is what makes community community. Share blogs, wiki, links, pics and videos, donate as well to keep our site up to par. 


Claimers Three:

Being a member of our site or society, will not make you a real vampire. It just makes you a fan unless you are one. If you are an energy consumer, you get hot hands and or other warmed up body parts while near people or candle flames or storms, you will classify as an energy feeder. We’re looking for people that you can not mistake for night people or night kind. Originally I was going to name this site, Night kind, but decided to just go with Vampires.

Claimers Four:

I am aware of the Vampirespace, Sangspace and Psyspace that also ran on spruz for a while as other personal, general and spiritual socials on spruz for vampires/vampyres. In addition to http://redvample.webs.com I decided to create Vampires.

What will get me banned here?

  1. Being Adam Phantump from socibd.
  2. Not fitting the bill of night kind – I don’t want fat girls or boys in their underwear or lingerie. No naked pics. I give a rat shit about your dick, butt, ass etc.
  3. Twilight Fans with a fetish of some sort.
  4. RPG Character profiles, don’t sign up as Count Lestat.
  5. Someone looking for sex, blood/donor, weird relationship etc.
  6. Community snoots and snobs. Let’s all get along here!
  7. Being an asshole for no apparent reason. I know where 21+, but we’re mature, don’t go there. Take it off site to the email.
  8. Trolling for no apparent reason. We will treat you the same if your male or female, east or west coast, it doesn’t matter.
  9. Not participating – add something even if its just a link.