Terms of Use / Privacy


Thank You for your interest in Real Vampires on wordpress. This conducts our moderation and administration terms of use and service on site. Before you join please read the Disclaimer:


This showcases what we are about and what we are not.


The Terms of use and service is simple – we exist in a community gather online society haven for real vampires/vampyres and other night kind. We are not apart of the online Vampire community, which may or may not actually exist anymore at all or whole or in part. We are an independant gather and society, lifestyle, culture and spiritual needs. You can join it as long as you remember this.

  • We do not endorse any black veil, we have our own creed, it will be posted
  • We do not sell your name, email address or any personal info to anyone else.
  • You maintain your own works; on blog , or any part of this site. Copyright is yours.
  • If we use any artwork and credit is not given, please contact politely and we will remove or give credit.
  • We are an open society and our motto is to come together despite differences of life, spiritual or otherwise to celebrate positive vampyric being and living well.
  • Mature 21+ and up, we do not teach teens or kids or any one under adult age.
  • Many of us may still blood let or commune,  we acknowledge we do so legally; willingly; wisely; and within fairness; nor will we gossip about; slander the names of; if such a union or project shall not work out.
  • COEXIST – Celebrate diversity, learn and share wisdom; learn to live better but copy no one’s works.
  • Community Gossip and slander is not allowed on this site, regardless of truth or not.


Privacy Policy

  • We do not sell your information, email, name, location to any other site or 3rd party plugin.
  • Any statements or updates to this clause will be time stamped and dated.
  • Writing or joining our wordpress site or any site connected too does not mean you are a real vampire if not, and you should not practice real vampyrism if you’re not really a latent being.
  • We want good writers and contributors to our wordpress, use contact page if you want to be invited to our wordpress for this purpose.
  • No Gossip about people truth or untruth.
  • Vampires/Vampyres, Basics, Advanced and other occult topics allowed.
  • Many of us know about God and Jesus, so don’t go there. Bad Form.

Thanks for reading the terms and the Privacy policy!
Updated Oct 22nd, 2017