Supernatural Vampyrism

Supernatural / Mystical & Spiritual Vampyrism

Ok, first thing’s first – let’s play a short “game” here.

Supernatural is actually “natural, normal behavior for mystical beings”. You may see it as supernatural, but we see it as normal. This is the natural way that some latents live.

A Being is an entity that has gone through an energy transformation.

This is known as Goi, Goni, Loi, Moi, Noi and are different types of energy transformations.

When I say spiritual vampyrism – I mean the being in question seems to be on a heavily spiritual road or path but for them it is everyday life.

This “life” may not be very life like. It may be an “undead, I love death and black clothes, roll out the creepy shit, candles maybe even a fog machine and put it everywhere” type of lifestyle or living will of that being. It’s not wrong, or evil. Just different. Some people have a room, others a lair or haven. It would be just like if you were still a stoner hippie and your home looked very hippie.

The living will looks like lifestyle and cosplay and is not. Its the will of that person/a/being to be as they truly believe they should live.

For instance I have started wearing allot of tunics. Mostly everyone has by now, but mine just keep coming, and they get longer and more asemmetrical in the hem, too. (Amazon, you clothe me! Wish you clothe me too!) I mean it’s usually unacceptable to wear halloween styled clothing past or before Halloween, but we’re cheating with these tunics, I tell you. To me, dressing old world is something I like to do. I am comfortable with it. For allot of people like myself, it is spiritual being to be as we should look, if we were there in medieval times its what we would wear. I was there. So, I know how I like to look.

The Tunic became mainstay clothing in the 12th century. It has been around forever possibly:

I buy incense, candles, sometimes oils and I have finally bought a wax warmer. My house is two story and smells like one. Therefore I decided its time to walk in and smell something else other than 2  story house. I buy stones, gems, bring home white quartz which is good energy storing stone, as well as house protector from negative vibes. I buy good smelling sprays. I am either Strigoi or a Hippie misplaced. I am going with Strigoi. I’d not like tunics if I wasn’t of Romanian and Dacu/Dacian stock.

This is Actualism and Spiritual Vampyrism. Spiritual Vampyrism is different in path being as we don’t celebrate Gods or Goddesses, we do celebrate them, but if were this way we most likely are some of them. We do not worship. We Celebrate.

That is why some many occultists believe wrongly that we’re a phase, or a lie because we won’t honor or fear Gods or deities. I would not want anyone to fear me — and many still do. Maybe if I give ya’ll money or fruit baskets or something? (actual fruit baskets, not perverted shit, chris I see you!)





Spiritual Paths of the Vampyre –

A Vampyre can celebrate any spiritual path  from satanism to christianity, to pagan to occult, agnostic, or none. The darker the path the more likely a vampyre will be there however. We work with and transcend the darkness as well as entertain ourselves with and by it. We also transcend in it and with it, it is our shadow. Even Light can be shadow and darkness. Neither path or element of dark or light is Good or evil, it’s the will of the practioner that makes it that way. Karma exists on all scales of life or non. We don’t do things to hurt people or others like ourselves emotionally, mentally or astrally or physical/actually, if we do we are just kids in and outside ourselves whom think their bad ass when their not. You can work with your dna and karma to rid yourselves of negativity and once started you won’t stop. I have been working with my DNA for over 3 years and have left a bunch of things behind that hold you back like:

  • The ego
  • Jealous and hurts of the past
  • Past lives crap like love and relations gone wrong
  • My bad karma + other items
  • Pride
  • Rejection

I am a brand new persona/being. I wield it well too. Shit yes, I am controversial because unless these people found it in a book written by some werewolf or gypsy they don’t believe in being one with the spirit. Gods/Deim know how to contact the higher up, because we are higher up. I can’t float around on 32 DNA strand, Mine has to be beyond 3k in strand! The higher it goes the higher your resonate and that light isn’t evil to dark beings, you will be set free!

Why does ascension not work for everyone?  Because correct beings can ascend, but unclean kind can not ascend, because they would abuse their new freedoms of their mind and bodies. How do we know this? Because of the Mayan and the Aztecs and the Incans. They were divine once. They went on a killing spree to kill off all the unclean people. Bodies laid in the streets, forests, decayed, bugs infested them, sick people fed off them and did stuff with those bodies. We had to leave these homelands due to the stench of the bodies. We were lowly divine beings – gifted because we had skills and knew these people were wrong, but we did the wrong things because we had ego and prides.

This is one of the Spiritualities that Vampyres practice, Mayan but sometimes the people know it is Peruvian. Pervuian is more than just S. America.

Another of course is Egyptian which is ceremonial ritualistic in nature and occult. But some know it is Khem/atrics.

Another reason why I write from an actual point of view is because with psychic or empathic vampyrism you have very basic information. I wanted that information to spread out in advanced form because you can’t just be a “psy or pranic vampyre” forever, at some point if you are real you need to call it something else because it has more meaning then! If I study advanced studies then I am a Vampirologist as well as a Vampyre. It makes sense to me. Most people are jealous because it can not be proven. But it can. True vampyres have ailments like RA, Fibro and Nervous disorder – not just scared of people or atmospheres but nerve problems that twitch and spasm and don’t send approximate signals to the brain from brain to limbs. Also we have bursitis, tendonitis, and weight problems also, we don’t eat right or very well and we have malnutrion bloat and IBS and gas problems, then when we do eat it’s weird snacks or nuts and berries because we digest poorly and we have to take B vitamin complex as it helps transform our food into energy for the body/form.

These ailments follow the transcending of the energy form to actual vampyre actualism and we awaken our language. One day I did not know a split of strigoi language which also sounds like Creek and Sioux indian (native) speech or language, and the nexy day spoke it like I had all my life. In doing so and remembering past lives from Dacu (Dau-coo) or Romanian times I have pieced together that Strigoi were also Creek indian and also Sioux Indian native because we are also Skinwalkers. Now there is a primary fear of skinwalkers thanks to Hollywood. Skinwalkers are too primal society as the Vampyr is to the Victorian hollywood era! Skinwalkers were not spiritual at one time, they were just very actual.

Some skinwalkers were evil. Most were not. Most did not eat allot of meat, just berries and nuts and plants. Most were very skinny looking. Skinwalkers took care of their evil members, but some got away from the tribe. They killed for sport, and game and to just to do so because their spirit was wrong and unclean. This happens easily. You sleep or have sex with the wrong kind of people and its passed on in your dna. That is why you have to transcend and have the Regenti clean your dna out.

The article above about skin walkers is largely wrong. The term Naga or Nagi/o describes us better because we can look like someone else like Mystique in Xmen. Anyone whom thought that this could happen would think the shaman would be evil.

Vampirism is an elementalism and shamanic pathway because we can sense thoughts, emotions, and manipulate those as well as energy of people or places. Either for good or evil influences. Shamanism is a world between path because to be a shaman one is not human; therefore or humanoid, one is a creature or a being, some turn into Cryptids, and each to their own as some people are not comfortable being a person, or human like. Some is done for the right reasons and some for the wrong. We all start somewhere and we will all make mistakes, even if we are intentionally good beings and kind. Skin walkers can look like another person and read their thoughts and emotions and see what they suffer from. It aids to see whom is in danger or whom needs protection. We do this by way of projection as a second energy body away from the main body.

The Viovode of the Strigoi race – and or En Viovode later in life (Vi-di/Vi-see) keeps her being as well as others faithful to the law in check by using this practice. I know what your thinking, we’re twilightphobes or Volturi fans and we want to seem legal and cool. The Volturi are a real factual group from ancient Italy known as The Straca in earlier times,, and there are vampyre laws very similar to what is in Twilight. There is no Black Veil in real vampyrism. No Physical vampires or gamers float in real life, they are one kind and we are another. No swans either – it’s not needed. An actual “supernatural” vampyre will drink very little blood during the first years of their awakening, feeding elementally is the way it is done in later life, and the Regenti helps with that too. The Regenti is also known as the Viovode by the knot of bone on the back of her skull. She belongs to a race of Strigoi known as Strigul and they are actually pretty hardcore. She has too be. Unfortunuately in early life her life is riddled with upsets and fears. Strigul when relaxed are awesome people, but when fearful they are god awful to supernaturally behold. The more fearful she is the worser it is. The more relaxef the more awesome. Currently I am very awesome.

Strigul in Italy to the Stregoni are also Stregoni, Vollini and are also Strinoi. They wander and are nomadic or exists in small packs together for long periods of time. They are also noble but you would not know they are nobility. Most are characteristic, enigmatic, well personalized, somewhat feral and wild, wary and untrusting of others they don’t know. Oh and they love tunics and hoodies and stuff so if you ever hit up my amazon wishlist you know what to buy! Thanks! lol

–Written by Ana Massien © October 2017