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A list of websites and…

A list of websites and blogs closed this year:

These are the current evolved projects as was listed above. (the old dcn site as well as paganbook combined) – the new blog community about projects I am working on. – the old paganpeople / the brew links exchange site – The New Pagan Directory WE in its new group format. our new vampires group/site for the moment



I am a 46 yr old Georgia girl that likes to have fun. But I don't party or drink or do drugs. I am asexual. I have fibro, RA, bursitis, and other problems, and menopause. I am single and not seeking anything more than friends. I am a life coach, a vampirologist and latently awakened/transcended/Regenti. I don't Reign over people. I set an example. I am also a heatheru and witsku paganism/shamanism.