Fetid Practice

Fetid Shamanism Practice

There is a big difference between Wicca, and Pagan practice and fetid shamanism.

Working with spirit animals – animals seen as spiritual guardians in ones path, and not having any bones, furs, etc is spiritual working, but working with bones, furs, fluids of that animal regardless of purpose is disgusting and not true shamanism.

Shamanism is the manipulation of and weaving of true direct elemental energies, be it your own, or of something else to be in the existence of positiveness for yourself or your paths.

Working with fetid bones, skins, furs, blood or other fluids is considered distasteful, disgusting and not shaman.

There are a few cultures that allow this: Werewolf Magick (Unclean ones) is one of them, as well as Bruja which is Spanish, as well as some mexican belief. Gypsy is another of these cultures.

Contrary to popular incorrect belief, Vampires do not allow blood in rituals, theirs, someone elses or an animals, nor do we need skulls or bones. IF we do then we are misinformed and you need to be clear of these people.

The danger of fetid worship is this – people think the animal who is dead is of a lesser nature than they are. They are misinformed about the nature of paganism and its true purposes. If they believe this way then they could be perverted in the spirit and mind and eventually kill alive animals as well as hurt people and children. These people are not true satanists or luciferians either. Neither true path allows animal sacrifice.

Please be aware of what you practice and who you practice it with.

The Dark Coven Society speaks out for darker cultures and the protection against fetid magick (soon to have a different name)