Vampires @ WordPress

Vampires at wordpress is a blog dedicated to showcasing the vampiric condition known as energy feeding, siphoning from blood or other fluids and the outside world in basic form from awakening to the 8th year of active participating vampyrism as a lifestyle, or way of life or spirituality; which is not repressed, supressed or hindered by the active or awakened vampire in question.

It Covers:

  • Solitary vampirism;
  • Energy vampirism;
  • Pranic and or fluid vampyrism
  • Consensual energy exchange and play
  • Gravitating towards groups, houses and meetups

It also covers:

  • Political and broken online vampire community;
  • the do’s and do not’s of group or networking vampyrism
  • Ethics to dealing with others who are helpful to the non helpful;
  • supportive community and communal efforts
  • Helping others cope and or find support

Our other blog, is the advanced energy vampyrism blog, for more transcendal living and spirituality and covers years 8th, through 20+ years awake, and so on.

Wraitli Exbuis means Spiritual Entities Gathering place, the Communal, which was normally held in the underground of the city in a designated chamber usually under the Citadelis or Citadel. However, we do not have good undergrounds anymore in most cities due to water leakage, bad mold and insect and animal habitat’s, nor are their any captital buildings for vampires anymore, as the citadelis looks like most State Capital buildings.

  • Other places were also used as forms of communal, Masoluems and other buildings, and we also cover this as well.

Due to the current nature of the “vampire community” we do not hold any public communal other than the page on facebook, which is open loosely to all. It is a moot point as not all elemental are in tune with their natures; or the way they should present themselves.

It is sad to see that the 12th century bce is more conscienciously aware and awake as a vampire presence than the current modern day. Even the real leaders in the their communities want to play in the nap nap line at the baby bat daycare.

STILL if someone would like to try and build up a chatroom or meeting meetup for elementals online or offline, give me a chat.