House/Group Creation

How to become a Legit Society, House etc.

No one of the online vampire community can tell you if you are a House. You decide to do that with your members. In the olden days when vampire living was much more actual than cyber, the Regent would go over the chapters of each house, order, society etc and include them by state in a region on a roster. They would be an actual living house for vampires of that state or city that did not have family that had no where to live. The reason I don’t do this now with temple leaders, house people and so on is the ideal of living and the ideals of vampires have changed. People don’t have to fear losing housing because of lack of money for family being weird about their vampyrism.
Not everyone in a vampire house, group etc is actually a real vampire and the truth is actual listed houses must contain real vampire latent natural members, not donors or sympathetic vampires who understand one’s conditions.
Every year the legial would meet and the 50 houses from every region (like northwest for instance) from a group of states would meet at the legion or legial and vampyrism would be shared by region at this event. In the history of the regency only 3 legials were ever held, by the 1880’s due to the civil war the houses and regions were not able to meet as travel was a hazard due to the war. This idea fell behind but smaller meets were allowed.
Vampires were not always feared; maybe their meetings frowned upon, but people would understand our rights too gather.
If you want to run a vampire house, group, etc then feel free as it’s up to you and your members over basic confirmation of belief system.
If you run a house/temple/society feel free to include it here with a banner under our regions listing!

Types of Societies:

  1. House: Houses use to be actual living homes. Today is a faction of vampires or donors that believe in the same accord. Like for instance if you were House Noctem, you’d have a belief structure of celebrating night and its time.
  2. Temple: Temple is an organization that belongs to a set of vampire belief systems, such like the egyptian views of immortality. For instance Temple Christian Angel, example that they like the host or christian angels.
  3. Order/Orto/Ordo: An order is a nomadic faction that groups together under the same loyalty, Orto is the latin version and extremely secular, and Ordo has stranger beliefs and not all of its members are vampire related. Orto is also largely correct, Ordo not so much and order is a loosely based faction of belief structure. Such as Orto Vitia Noxra upholds vampiric laws.
  4. Grotto: Satanic based vampire groups.
  5. Clutch: Lifestyle based vampire and donor group.
  6. Society: Open society groups based on a generalized expression as in Society of the Dragon, celebrates the noble side of correct vampiric living or vampires all together.
  7. Haven = a place where a groups of vampires reside or hang out.
  8. Haeven = a place where groups of vampires live or experience at.
  9. Troup – Vampires that hunt or walk around a city together.
  10. Clan = vampires that are similar to a temple, but hangout and come together at specific times of the year.
  11. Coven – Vampires that believe in the old term, old world view of vampirism and beliefs there of.
  12. Covenant – Law abiding old world vampires, has a special outlook at life.


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