What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between your blog wraitliexbuis.wordpress.com and realvampiresweb.wordpress.com?

Wraitli is a specialized spiritual advanced blog for writing about latent advanced vampiric conditons. Explaining strigoi and Stregoni for instance.

Real Vampires needed a blog home quick to store writings waiting for spruz to put our plan on free. It is for generalized information of spirituality, lifestyle and living will. Living will is the wish of the vampire in question to live like ancient as possible with some modern needs like electricity, cooking of food, flushing toilet etc. To dress as approximately as one wishes, without too much disruption about them, to live in ones home as complete as one would wish (styling of the room to compliment the individual) without going to overboard. Living will looks like cosplay and or lifestyle but it is not. It is a real vampire who dresses up, simply like a goth/heathen/witch/being would.

I am hoping the web comes together over realvampiresweb.wordpress.com and people add their articles to the blog as well. As long as you are 21+ we will gladly add you to our authors line up and you can join us at our new network too as soon as the domain is bought.

http://www.darkcovensociety.us is the current domain but will be changing soon. We can import our wordpress straight into the site there as well.