Basic Vampire Symbols

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A couple of years ago, online mostly I believe many vampire communists sought to find vampire symbols that represent the vampire and its culture for modern day era.

Most people try to pin the ancient Vampire to Ancient Egypt and they aren’t incorrect, but their not fully correct either. That is why many vampire sites and socials adhere to the ankh symbol as being a symbol of life eternal in one form or fashion.

The ankh represents a hooded figure in a robe, arms outstretched by the being’s side, which is a power seeking stance by those who practice such magick.


The Ankh (Onk said by some, an-kah by others) means “life” to some, and a version in thought of “home” to others. It is a symbol of actual being, reincarnation and life eternal, but it is African, not Vampyre related. In Ancient Egyptian times, the ankh was not a symbol used by white skinned people. It was a symbol for dark skinned people who wanted to be like the white skinned people, also called Ammorites. The Dark skinned people or beings of Moab were highly superstitious people and not right in the mind. They lived in horrible conditions, to be more like the white skinned people, thinking if they subjected their lives to horrible conditions of living, (living in their own wastes, for instance) then divinity would gift them with whatever has blessed the white skinned people. It never did and the drawings became more elaborate with bafflement sigils. However all could decipher one thing about the hooded figures, they were a defined divinity, by the way they stood. This stance is known as “Sokar” not a god, but a word to define their being, when all was right with them, when it was not, they were “PTah” also not a god, but a pitiful troubled way of being. It was a spiritual state of being when one was right and one was wrongful/wronged. (Pe-tah). Both are similar gods in Egyptian Ceremonial magick and belief. When one was learning back from their wrongfulness one was “Thoth” (Thought, or Thot), one would spend at least 1 yr coming back to themselves and then one, if female would be “Hathor” and one if male would be “Anubis”, states of training and transmogrification within to make them law abiders again. Then both would be “Osirius” and Then “Nuit” (Noot) and finally “Abuis” again. These originally were titles, not names of Egyptian gods. Abuis was once defined as “dead” state so no one wanted to work with him, and they were “dead” because they had come away from mortal beginnings to live again like Gods. In the old days before this learning system law breakers were destroyed the minute they turned evil. Evil, wrong individuals had to be destroyed with fire because they were perverted in many ways in their spirit. They harmed self, women, children, lands, animals. They were a destructive rebellious force that had to be destroyed on the planet. They were literally murdered by one of the Abuis, and then set on fire to burn for all to see.


This was the sigil of all the Abuis, or Law Oather of the tribes of the Khem. They kept the law and had to be brutal as well as forgiving, humble and very trained in the arts of living and living well. This was about 355K yrs ago.

It is similar in direction to the elder futhark rune, Algiz which still means Protection.


There would have been many of course branching off tribes and clans of Vampyres all throughout history. I have asked anyone viewing this blog to come forward if they remember any kind of past life of theirs or others that had symbolism. I am interesting in promoting people to remember ancient living, with a tribe or clan as I have, I am one of the Abuis, or the Eni-Abuis, as I take my spiritualist nature very seriously. It may seem like a regime but my life is very orderly. I am not here to drink wine and snort coke up my nose and get lain by every cute boy I see. I know my path is not for everyone, but its not always ok to just make “do” because you are not sure what to “do”. You are afraid for some reason to front up on someone and offend them with your way of life trying to be like them, but not, and insulting them with your manners. You can not be afraid to try. Not trying to be better than what is normally present on this planet is the main insult.

When one being is a certain thing, then they know what they are can not be taken away by someone else. Mimicking another’s place of destiny is not maturity, pretending you are them or you are just like them is the insult, immaturity of a being’s spirit. Youth. This is not magick or being ascended or transcended. It is hurtful because it is not appreciated, wanted or desired. We must teach ourselves we have purpose, and we do not have to lower our standards or virtues to be like someone else so we can stand down and they can over take us and be better than we were at tribal needs. We are just what we are. You can not do the job better than us and we can’t give you our being or magickal powers to let you try. If you have ideas, share! We will and could always take your ideas into account, but in the short of it, if someone has to be destroyed, then we exist for a reason and we’ll be better without that someone around. They can’t just be destroyed and be brought back because they’ll still be evil. These things exist so we can see in a new era that Law oathers are still needed to cleanse the chains of life from evil beings. What we do is very sacred to all of life and unlife. We walk a very interesting road. You can not make a perverted spirit right again, once “nunnied” they will always be perverted and wrong.

This spiritual pursuit which is not advised, runs under this symbol:

000nootlynksymbol The Nootlyknk symbol – Noot-lin-nik.

Wendigo runs under this symbol and the Springbok as well as the Lycanthri people. Upyr, Thenids, Thendigo, Dwarves, Elks (not animals), Elniks, as well as the Berni/Bern bear people. See, Vampyres are the same as Therians, Therians are shapeshifters who also feed on energy just like the vampyres do and therians are also empaths. It just is a different culture, as Vampyres eat more plants and Therians in the early life yrs tend to run more towards meat. An Empath is all manner of a culture path and is considered:

Fae, Therian, Vampyre, Daemons and Daevas – all are elemental in energy format and all are bonders (they create bonds with others), and all are nature spirits as well, as nature is elemental in design, earth, air, fire and water, blood and spirit. All of them behaving as one is balance or the Enis force of all drive behind life.

Being Therians once we gave birth so to speak of a unclean way of life, the lycani people thought they needed to perverse life in order to be like an animal or appear as one. We can shape shift our energy bodies to look like a bird and to see how that bird would see or feel about life in general. This is considered native american shamanism but most native americans can not do this, but they do have kin ship with certain animals, the animals see them as a healer or a leader of their tribe, we all walk in balance with the rest of the earth or we’re supposed too at all times. Not everyone chooses to do this, and this is why the world is so wrong now with itself. Not because of the land or swamps, but because Man is wrong. Beastkind is correct, but mankind and his society is the wrong.

But to be a therian, it is not wrong to walk with animals or trees or plants. But you should leave insects alone, they too belong to the perverse lineages of man. Weather formations are also good to work with. How else can you learn about something if you aren’t of it?

The spider lineage also uses this symbol above but the upper crooked line is more rounded like a circle.

000nootlynisisymbol The Nooklynisi symbol (Nook lin neesi)

Bugs, Insects, stick bugs, spiders, especially venomous ones, except the Black widow species, except for the yellow backed black widow, which is a primarily gay male species of the spider/scorpion. The Nootlynisi are also called Doji, Moji, Noji, Muji, Loji. Disturbing for the lot of these. Somewhere, always at some time, they’ll eat bugs like people eat rabbit or deer or bear in the other tribe mentioned above. They believe it makes them shaman. It does not make them a clean, actual shaman. It makes them a Puji, or a very unclean saman. Shamanism must always be very clean, or it is just not shamanism. You must walk like the animals on this planet and plants and trees and weather, NOT harm or hurt or belittle the animals except for food purposes.

Many people in the vampire community do not honor or respect that. That is why they don’t want you to like my work or me, or my writings.

I am a young leader but a good one. I am a sane one. That is not the way to get power, because power leads to ruin.


–Ana Massien