Vampiric leaders

I often wondered how I would explain this when the time came. lol Well, it’s here and so I will try my best.

About seven years ago I started on my path of Strigoi Morte transcendence and when I did I actively became the Strigoi & Stregoni Regent(i). This does not make me a vampire princess, life is not that easy. Besides, it’s nobility not royalty. That nobility must be earned through the changing of one’s spirit, and that became a rather easy path. Not only am I treated well, people admire me because of the good I do in the world, that can be felt by everyone whom is actually awakened.

Some people who think they can use or change the regency to benefit their needs or desires don’t like me or what I do. You can’t use it for that. In times past it was a counseling state to prepare other latent vampires to go through their awakenings and so on. It prepares for vampiric and after and so on living. It helps people like ourselves live better. We live now in a safe world where we do not have too many enemies, we have allot of freedoms because of that. Our ways of living will be protected in the future.

I do not care if my people don’t see me as a regenti but almost all of you have begged for my help in some way. Its easy to deny someone until you need something. Still, it matters not if the world saw me this way or not, I would still be myself and I would still do my job.

The Regenti is not for the vampire community. It is a listing of badly disjointed effort and forums and websites. No energy changes, nothing has changed for them over the last ten or so negative years. We do not prepare or encourage donors or swans, but we do honor ourselves our rights. Allot of the community was no more than donors hoping to receive a vampire’s love and be fed on etc, and many fed on donors without being safe or seeing if they were some other kind of being, young community did not know that Vampires should only feed from Vampires. Others have horrible energy, emotions and blood. It can cause some mess later on down the road.

If we are elemental kind then we do not belong among the sanguines. Sanguines or Sangs are not blood vampires. Sangs and PsiVamps are respectfully unclean spiritual/physical individuals whom exploit for blood and sexual fluids and experiences. Pranic and elemental feeders, or latent vampires are the real deal. Many people have still not come to term with the idea that sangs aren’t vampires because they are happy with their distractions and illusion. But onward down the road you will see what was hip in 1997 is no longer tolerated today because they can’t handle the lifestyle anymore. Many people float under the same terms because it allows them to live in a certain manner around others. Pretty soon tho, you will get tired of the lies and BS and you will want to find something else.

That is why they list me as controversial, yet want my works on their sites. If I clearly state I am not like you and I am Communal or spiritual state, then you technically can’t list me as controversial because I already said so. The problem with these people are they aren’t in my clique, because I don’t have one, or need one, and they want to be in it.

I monitor the online vampire community to see what will come out of it next. It needs a firmer structure. A central site for all of the members, participators, donors/swans, houses etc to all get under the banner of. Friendlier people. Cranky vampires with a constant need of energy or blood and negative attitude is not a good place to hang out at. In order to be better at life, one must like life in general. Real Vampires web is not that banner it’s just an independent blog site for authors to meet on, share and plan maybe cool stuff for the future.

In the long run no forum webmaster can tell you how to live or be you, you must do that for yourself.

My work and job is a spiritual one. I don’t openly discuss it with vampires who aren’t like me nor should I. Most people laugh when they see the word Regenti, and laugh nervously as well. I don’t even discuss it with my own kind of vampire. Why should I?

–Ana Massien &copy October 2017