Creed for non secular society

Non secular Creed for our Society

Greetings and welcome to our Non secular creeds page about what we believe, allow and are for.

  1. We are Vampires/Vampyres, we exist to understand ourselves, educating ourselves about our free will, our ancient and modern knowledge of wisdom, occult, and culture.
  2. We do this willingly of our own accord and agreement. We will never push, harm or seek to offend others with our ways, but we will not apologize for being ourselves.
  3. We will not seek to make spectacles of ourselves. Life exists in some balance and we will keep that balance.
  4. We use our immortality to help achieve peace with all, peace with our people and others like ourselves. We ask it of others that we are near by too as well.
  5. We if are not well in some way, mentally, physically/actually, spiritual wise we will not be in attendance of others if we are not well long range or short range. We will keep ourselves until we can be around others again.
  6. We will not harm ourselves, others, or animals to receive our needs, we will do so discretely without advertisement.
  7. We will be a friendly open haven to all and ask those like us to consider reading our creed, it iss open to all if they would like to adhere to its ways as well and be part of our society.
  8. We are here to promote positive culture of vampirism and shamanism. We ask that you do the same, a more free and open mature society of vampire “community” as well as “communal”. We wish for all to view vampires/vampyres in a positive light, so welcome.

This site or social community is not attempting to replace, recover or reconjure the former online vampire community, but if you would like to gather on our website, feel free to do so.

I would like to give everyone vampire related a voice to voice their opinion, without asking them for money or to buy something that is of no use to them.

Community gossips also do not belong here. If it happened 4-15- yrs ago its not needed to hear about again. Coexist and agree to celebrate diversity.

Another thing, I am aware that some people joined whom run Controversial websites like myself. Can it. They are my friends, and they are welcome. You may not like them or their designs of their websites. It’s up to the vampire webmaster how they run their socials, design and all. Respect that of them and leave it alone.

— Ana Massien

*Note: About the Immortality clause, we are as best to our knowledge, long sustaining life. It does not mean we do not get sick or have allergies or have ailments. This is apart of maturing vampyrism that people call “old age”. Immortal: A Divine being whom has ancient knowledge in their dna.