Vampires Defined

Basic Knowledge of The Vampiric Condition that started people awakening in 1997

Welcome to Vampires 101.

Vampires 101 is to discuss some basics that most people know about natural, or latent vampires/vampyres.

Empathic, Elementalist, Energy, Tantric, Pranic, are all the same kind of vampires. They just take energy differently. Not all empathic vampires are warm and friendly. Some are cold and cut off especially if they have been hurt by others. An old term for this is cold mage. They are magickians who are very emotionally cold people.

These kinds are known as psychic vampires because they take energy through psychic means – Empathy. Empathy is much more than a way to feel and a way to feed. Empathy can be used to keep a person safe. It’s psychic self defense.

Most energy vampires grow up to become Elementalist Vampires, meaning they take only elemental energy – earth, air, fire, water, blood energy (spirit) and or sexual energy (tantric). They can eat the food and absorb the food as well as the energy at the same time, same from blood they drink a little blood and absorb the blood as well as its energy at the same time.

Energy vampires feed through the seven chakra centers on the body. Two in the palms, two in the balls of the feet, Throat, crown, root, base and solar plexus. Most sites cover the Crown, Throat, Heart, Root, Base, Third eye/sacral and Solar Plexus, but not the ones in the hands or the feet.

Some insist that energy vampires are all evil, negative and our chakras are broken and that is why we need energy. Not all energy vampires whom are negative whiny blankets are actually vampires – they just act in a preying manner.

Some Vampires insist on taking Bio energy. Vampire Church is popular with this notion. Bio energy is static energy, like from an air conditioner in an old barn, or static paranormal energy in an investigation. It can really make a true elementalist sick who is sensitive to such items.

Just like Sanguinarians insist on drinking blood, saying it gives them an erotic feeling or energy, yet they drink from cow blood in steak and all other kinds of items, too. This will make a pranic or elementalist sick as well.

Everyone is different, so we all have our own experiences. if you would like too you can write us some articles on your exp with vampyrism as well.

Author: Ana Massien
Published: Sep 29th
Modified: Sep 29th