Many people believe that vampyres are Gods. I believe only some vampyres are Gods. I mean as Gods, ability to change life, ability to live better, protect their people, cleanse dna and other life affirmations for the people. I don’t mean like people who want to get their way. That does not make one a God.

What is the true definition of a “God”? They have ability they can not misuse. So technically, a God is a rebel who won’t put up with the bullies of their lifetimes. They are people that are charitable, helpful, awakened and knowledgeable. They have wisdom. They watch, leave things alone and see what happens. They are wise about magick and being able to use that magick. A Goddess is the same regardless of path or traditions.

If you were a God/dess today, how would you use your magick and ability to help your planet? I’d like you to comment this and answer this question, there are no wrong answers.
Put yourself in a God’s place, how do you answer for the way man has destroyed the planet? How do you make amends? I know this has been done in video games, but in games we don’t have the ability to think like a God would and do what a God or Goddess might do.