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Vampires @ Ning

Vampires at ning to move, because its a free site and now to use videos/blogs/ whatever you have to pay a small subscription fee so like normal we will just be on at socibd or dark coven society also, the groups/pages you can create on as they are working on some hidden stuff. and again for groups and more and a social experience.

Apparently I am a big deal (really? lol so Notorious!) and Ning seo’s and other people of the online vampire community (hey guys, its ning, its a site I was tinkering with) but I would rather pay spruz to host a site, or communal site for vampires, than ning’s “SAAS” which is just based on a blog, and is not that powerful of a platform… sorry but its not.

I’ve got several facebook pages and groups to work with. *sigh* stupidity and money hungry ex’s.



I am a 46 yr old Georgia girl that likes to have fun. But I don't party or drink or do drugs. I am asexual. I have fibro, RA, bursitis, and other problems, and menopause. I am single and not seeking anything more than friends. I am a life coach, a vampirologist and latently awakened/transcended/Regenti. I don't Reign over people. I set an example. I am also a heatheru and witsku paganism/shamanism.